Facts about me:

eat pizza.JPG

What I'm About:

All I want is for you to FEEL + BE the BEST I KNOW you are! We'll start with what foods are best for your blood type,

how to make them quick + easy, but still taste delicious! (because if it tastes good, then you'll love eating it!).

Then get that body moving...whatever movement makes your heart sing + feel good!

These goodies combined together make an unwavering movement for you to FEEL, LOOK & be the BEST YOU are!


I'm shari, the face behind fitwithshari!

  • I LOVE PIZZA, I mean like no one you've ever met Before

  • Coffee sounds AMAZING anytime

  • Royal is my baby maltipoo although he keeps growing up (insert crying face here)

  • Obsessed with DIY projects; from crafts to building custom bookshelves!

  • LAUGHING & cooking~ give me life!